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Vassal, Quebec


Vassal Ground Surveys
Vassal, Quebec



Previous work was very limited. In 2008, Alto completed VTEM electromagnetic and helicopter-borne magnetic surveys over the property. Numerous EM conductors were detected many of which have direct magnetic association, including 10 high and medium priority targets with VMS-type signatures. Another seven high to medium priority structural targets (shear zones) were recognized from interpretation of airborne magnetic and VTEM data. These are being targeted for Abitibi-type shear hosted lode gold deposits. Previous drilling was limited to only nine holes that were completed between 1973 and 1988. The Garland Showing, with drilled values of 47 g/t gold, 3.6% copper and 3.6% zinc lies 5km northwest of the property and lies along a volcanic-tonalite contact that extends onto the Vassal Property. These are new grassroots targets in a major gold producing belt.

Eight holes totalling 1,202 m of drilling were completed in March, 2010 to test geophysical conductors. Drilling was successful in delineating sulphides and very interesting alteration for gold and base metals mineralization but the metal values were disappointing. The next step in exploring this project will include re-logging and sampling some of the cores to better define the alteration patterns that may be used to vector to mineralization as well as testing some of the other geophysical targets.

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