Expansion Lake

Expansion Lake Project, Ontario


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Expansion Lake Project, Ontario


Beardmore-Geraldton Belt

Beardmore Geraldton Alto Properties

Expansion Lake Trenching and Prospecting Map
Expansion Lake Project, Ontario


2008 Exploration program

The 2008 summer program included high resolution magnetometer and XDS/VLF EM airborne surveys, followed by prospecting and mapping. Phase 1 prospecting was completed in July. A second phase of prospecting was carried out in September using results from phase 1. Results indicate strong gold enrichment, in the tens to hundreds ppb gold (up to 745 ppb/1m). Silver is also anomalous in some of the samples, up to 29 g/t. The work completed to date represents only a cursory examination of the property's potential. The results thus far, including identification of extensive shearing, the strength and size of the alteration envelopes and the widespread gold anomalies, are particularly encouraging as they are considered indicative of regional scale gold mineralizing systems and exploration to date has been very limited.

2009 Exploration Program

The next stage of exploration will include ground geophysics in preparation for diamond drilling.

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